Forrester Includes iPayables in Recent Report

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As the accounts payable automation market heats up, research firms are increasing their coverage of the space and discussing prominent automation providers. iPayables was mentioned in a recent report by major research firm Forrester, Now Tech: AP Invoice Automation, Q4 2021.

iPayables touts their strong emphasis on self-service supplier portals and digitization accuracy as a differentiator in the market. Additionally, iPayables’ focus on large enterprise clients, specifically those with complex processes, sets them apart from the many solutions that focus on small and mid-sized businesses. iPayables clients include some of the largest companies in the world.

“We aren’t a huge company, but our clients are. I believe this is the reason we are being included by these research firms. When people see many of the largest companies in the world using iPayables, it makes sense to include us in the discussion.” says Ken Virgin, CEO of iPayables, “that, and we are way ahead of the market in some of our technology.”

iPayables recently announced advances in the application of artificial intelligence in its digitization process as well as machine learning applications such as auto-coding of non-PO invoices. By continuing to advance the art for enterprise payables automation, iPayables expects continued recognition in the market.

You can find the Forrester report here:

Forrester: https://www.forrester.com/report/now-tech-ap-invoice-automation-q4-2021/RES176265

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