E-invoicing is Like a Perfect Round of Golf

If you understand the game of golf, then you know that it gives you numerous hazards to be avoided, like sand traps and water hazards, not to mention the fact that every single course is different. And, even when you’re having a great round of golf, a single bad hole could destroy an otherwise excellent score and tank your day.

Staying out of Traps & Hazards

The whole golf analogy can also be applied to the many everyday challenges AP departments deal with daily. When a company’s invoicing process is paper-based, as opposed to using electronic invoicing, the company’s AP managers must deal with a myriad of hazards and traps that lead to complications and delays.

Still Operating with Paper Invoices?

Why is it that we have the good sense to be electronically proficient in our personal lives using social media like Twitter and Facebook, but at work companies are still operating with paper invoice processing? When a better method is readily available in the form of e-invoicing and dynamic discounting, it just makes no sense to get stuck in those hazards month after month. If you were golfing, you wouldn’t get stuck in the same sand trap every time you played, would you?

Synergistic AP Automation World

So, that being said, welcome to the brave new world of accounts payable automation, where suppliers and customers alike have the opportunity to work together toward better cash management. Suppliers have the ability to move far beyond outdated discounts, like 10 net 30 or a simple two percent. Now, they can be enabled to offer new dynamic discounts, and AP managers can start shifting the AP automation perception from a cost-centric venture to one that is purely a profit-centric.

Increased Productivity

Now, of course, there will always be naysayers as with everything new that comes down the pipe. Just as they criticized the automobile and the first computers, those critics had their doubts initially when it came to accounts payable automation. But, now they all have to admit that AP automation is successfully inciting a wealth of new methods for doing everything involved in accounts payables. And, AP managers who have the foresight and vision to adapt their companies’ financial processes via AP automation and e-invoicing, have the singular opportunity of delivering their companies into a brave new world of greatness and increased productivity.

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