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The Importance of Customer Service with AP Automation Solutions

Making the decision to automate AP processes isn’t easy for many enterprises, although the many benefits of doing so are hard to deny. While AP automation solutions sound great for decision-makers, their implementation and integration with ERP systems and workflows may seem like a daunting task.

Regardless of any doubts of achieving a paperless invoicing future, or for lofty automation promises being fulfilled by e-invoicing automation solutions, AP departments are still interested in solving common invoicing pain-points with automation solutions. In an effort to help, let’s examine the importance of customer service with AP automation solutions.

Initial Implementation

Executive managers at enterprises have to manage many moving parts within their organizations, and ensuring continuity with AP processes is one of the most important. Essentially, they need to know how long will the implementation process take and what’s involved.

This is where customer service really matters, as initial implementation represents a vital transitory phrase for businesses. Good customer service will make the difference with:

    • stated time objectives being met
    • AP department’s understanding of automated workflows
    • continuity of AP processes during implementation
    • training effectiveness
    • communication and collaboration
    • avoiding any fee or service surprises

Choosing a holistic cloud-based AP automation solution means there’s no software or hardware to download. This simplifies the process considerably, yet implementation will still take several weeks for implementation. During this time, customer service is vital for the process to go smoothly and as promised.

Vendor Onboarding and Support

Customer service is vital when it comes to onboarding vendors into the AP automation solution. Being cloud-based, the solution doesn’t require any downloading on the vendor’s part, yet it does require the service provider to offer vendor support.

Onboarding vendors is an important aspect of implementing AP automation solutions, as their integration streamlines AP processes and brings dynamic discounting opportunities for payers. Good customer service will take care of vendor onboarding and ongoing support as part of their packaged deal.

Businesses want to work with an AP automation service provider that’s friendly and professional when dealing with vendors; the quality of their customer service will not only reflect the payer’s business, but also works to influence their choice of onboarding or not.

Technical and Ongoing Support

Businesses should carefully investigate and evaluate the quality of customer service that prospective AP automation services offer, as they’ll be dependent upon them for future technical and ongoing support needs.

Optimally, the AP automation solution will have customer service with these attributes:

    • friendly and communicative
    • helpful and understanding
    • expertly knowledgeable
    • readily available
    • expanded technical abilities
    • customer specific
    • dedicated and thorough

Inevitably, businesses and their vendors will have questions and technical issues that need to be addressed and solved; the quality of the service provider’s customer service will make the difference in how effectively this is done.


Although solving common pain-points with traditional AP processes sounds great to most enterprises, choosing an AP automation solution and taking the leap isn’t so simple. Ultimately, they need the assurance and support that only a quality customer service can provide.

An article found on PYMNTS.com called: “How To Join The Payables To Payment Revolution”, written on July 16th, 2018, concludes:

“Indeed, overhauling accounts payable from a cost center to a profit center is a lofty challenge, but it’s not one that the enterprise has to take on solo…education and collaboration are critical components of the process, and it’s up to the service providers…to work with clients to address the hurdles – both within and outside the AP department – and achieve what some executives would say isn’t possible.”

iPayables has the type of quality customer service that medium to large-sized enterprises are looking for with their AP automation service provider. Our superior customer service is one area that sets us apart from the competition. If interested in learning more please contact us today.

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