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5 Questions to Ask an AP Automation Solution Provider

No one wants to talk to a salesperson if they can avoid it, and when you can’t avoid it, you want to talk as little as possible. Salespeople aren’t bad people, we just don’t like being told what we do […]

3 Reasons Why We’re Grateful for Accounts Payable

Employees in the accounts payable department have a thankless job. Without the AP department, invoices would be left unpaid, supplier relations would be strained, and money would be lost. Oftentimes accounts payable professionals spend their days fielding supplier questions, being […]

The Next Level of Automation: Recent Demo with IOFM

This past April, iPayables teamed up with IOFM to talk about the next level of automation during their Financial Operations Summit. Our Chief Growth Officer, Scott McKeon, demoed the basics of an enterprise-level accounts payable automation solution and this type […]

Remote Invoice Operations

As the world grows more and more technology reliant, it is important that your accounts payable department has the accounts payable automation tools they need to be successful in the remote invoice operations world. But why is remote work so […]

Touchless Invoice Processing

Accounts payable without touchless invoice processing is slow, and can lead to a lot of problems. Think back to grade school, when your teacher had you all sit in a row for a game of telephone. Starting out with a […]

Benefits of Invoice Digitization

As your AP department examines your invoicing processes, you might realize that it is time to make the switch to invoice digitization. Maybe you have noticed one too many misplaced invoices, or maybe your suppliers are getting antsy about the […]

Restaurant and Grocery Industries Automation

As more and more locations in the restaurant and grocery industries turn to online ordering and delivery services, customers are enjoying the ease that comes with sitting on the couch while their food arrives at their front door, seamlessly ordered […]

Airline and Aerospace Industries Automation

The airline and aerospace industries are constantly upgrading to the latest technologies for their planes and equipment to ensure efficiency and conservation of supplies and money. But when it comes to their accounts payable departments, oftentimes the airline industry is […]

Top 8 Lessons of 2020

2020 has been a year like no other, but with every trial comes the ability to learn and grow! Here are the top 8 lessons of 2020 for accounts payable. 1. It’s possible to do accounts payable work remotely Accounts […]