Accounts Payable Automation: A World of Efficiency

Organizations worldwide spend billions of dollars strictly for the purpose of building the processes that go into the infrastructures of their supply chains. The problem is that their ability to be automated and integrated is hampered by their natural limitations, … Read More

Imaging at iPayables

We understand that not all of your vendors will be willing to change their current process just because you adopted a game changing AP automation initiative. Even though submitting invoices electronically through the Vendor Portal would save them time and … Read More

Older Blogs on E-Invoicing and AP Automation 2010-2013

LOSING THE OPERATOR: HOW EIPP SOLUTIONS CHANGE THE FACE OF PAYABLES You know when you have an argument and it just sort of sits with you for a while?  Like a berry seed stuck in between your teeth?  I’m still stuck … Read More

Electronic Invoicing Data: A Valuable tool for Restaurants

There are numerous ways in which Electronic Invoicing reduces costs and improves efficiency in the restaurant industry. I could easily write about the increase in productivity as a result of AP workers not have to manually enter in data. Or … Read More


Today’s EIPP (Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment) solutions take the invoice from submission to the appropriate payment, from ACH with dynamic discounting for discount maximization, to card processing for increased days payables outstanding, to check printing. All of these functions … Read More


The great business mogul Henry Ford once said, “THE COMPETITOR TO BE FEARED IS ONE WHO NEVER WORRIES ABOUT YOU, BUT GOES ON MAKING HIS OWN BUSINESS BETTER ALL THE TIME.” As Mr. Ford stated, we typically don’t worry so … Read More


WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR OLD PAPER INVOICES When was the last time you wrote and mailed a letter to a business client? Or how often do you fax memos to your suppliers? Technological innovations over the past few decades have … Read More

Centralized Control with Automated Efficiency

Client: America’s Largest Traditional Grocery Retailer Company Size: 338,000 Employees Challenged with a broad base of locations and employees, this company needed to reduce cost and delays associated with paper processing while maintaining centralized control. They had already utilized EDI … Read More


In an effort to better market our organization and in conjunction with launching a new website (see previous post), iPayables has been building a new look / feel while re-defining its brand. One challenge we face in this regard, is … Read More

Keeping American Airlines Light – Conquering the Paper Mountain

American Airlines had done a great deal of work to reduce paper in their Accounts Payable department. In fact, 83% of invoices were delivered electronically via EDI. But the last 17% proved too difficult to convert to EDI. Among the … Read More