Balancing the Budget with Payables Automation

People talk about cost reduction in payables automation, electronic invoicing, cloud invoicing, Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP), but where do the savings really come from? I thought it relevant to show where real companies have reduced costs, to show what parts … Read More


If an accounts payable department is trying to become more efficient, it can be a task figuring out where to improve first. You can’t have electronic invoices coming in if you don’t have a way to approve them, and implementing … Read More


Since the early 1970’s businesses have used their own individual electronic systems to exchange invoice and purchase order information. These transactions have generally been in an ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE, or EDI, format.   THE US TRANSPORTATION DATA COORDINATING COMMITTEE AND EDI In … Read More


WHY IS AP WORKFLOW SO VALUABLE TO AN ACCOUNTS PAYABLE DEPARTMENT? I believe it’s like the rudder for a boat or wings for a plane. Without it, an AP Department can be lacking in direction and could easily get into … Read More

Making a Smooth Transition from Paper to Electronic Invoicing

By Dave Cheney Manager of Implementations for iPayables. For over 12 years I have worked with a plethora of customers, moving them from paper to an electronic invoicing+ process. Each customer is unique and often have very specific business processes and … Read More

No Supplier Fees e-invoicing with Dynamic Discounting

Client: World’s Largest Restaurant Company Company Size: $11.3B in Annual Revenues The world’s largest restaurant company had dramatically reduced expenses and begun to capture discounts when they implemented an electronic invoicing solution from one of iPayables competitors. However, when that … Read More

Affordable Midmarket Electronic Invoicing

Client: Software Developer of Rock Video Games Company Size: 200 Employees A developer of some of the most popular video games ever produced, was faced with the decision to add employees to their payables department, or invest in accounts payable … Read More

Centralized Control with Automated Efficiency

Client: America’s Largest Traditional Grocery Retailer Company Size: 338,000 Employees Challenged with a broad base of locations and employees, this company needed to reduce cost and delays associated with paper processing while maintaining centralized control. They had already utilized EDI … Read More

Electronic Invoicing and Payment for Efficiency and Visibility

Client: One of the World’s Largest Media Conglomerates Company Size: $13B in Annual Revenues Paper signatures were the enemy at this company. Extremely complex approval processes that required multiple and various signatures created difficulties in knowing where invoices were in … Read More

Using Automation to Survive Economic Downturns

Client: World’s Largest Airline Company Size: $28B in Annual Revenue Economic changes left the accounts payable department with half of its normal staff, but with the same workload. Implementing iPayables InvoiceWorks with electronic invoice, workflow and payment quickly brought the … Read More