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Invoice Automation and the Modern CFO

In any organization, the products and people are essential to its success. What is necessary to keep the organization alive, however, is the consistent movement of money. If transactions are slow to process and even more sluggish to activate, you’re […]

Automated PO Matching-How It Works and Why It’s Important

PO matching, or purchase order matching, is the process of matching a customer’s purchase order to a supplier’s invoice to make sure all the information correctly lines up. Not all companies use purchase orders, but they are widely popular amongst […]

Measuring the Effectiveness of Accounts Payable

In any organization, it’s highly important and useful to measure accounts payable for effectiveness. The importance of evaluating effectiveness is obvious; improvements are impossible without regular evaluation of the current process used. However, without proper automation, effectiveness becomes very difficult […]

3 Ways Automated Approval Workflow Cuts Approval Time

With an enterprise-level accounts payable automation solution, automated approvals are a standard feature that should be included within the solution. The ideal automated approval workflow consists of hierarchical routing/business rules, automated escalations, and vacation re-routing. With these features, your accounts […]

Unleashing the Potential of AP: The Future of Accounts Payable

Historically, the accounts payable department has been thought of as an overhead expense, not as a revenue generator or as important to future strategy. This view of AP has been, for the most part, grounded in truth–until now. With enterprise-level […]

Accounts Payable Automation – Steps to Achievement

In times of economic hardship, learning to do more with less can be the difference between scraping by during the rough times and enduring. Accounts payable departments are no different. Enterprise-level accounts payable automation can transform AP from a cost […]

5 Essential Features of an AP Automation Online Portal

Online portals are an essential and innovative component to utilize when automating your accounts payable department. It’s also important to know what an AP automation online portal will offer, and why they’re important. When looking at different AP automation online […]

Is Accounts Payable Automation Good for Morale?

With new developments in automation, the fear of machines replacing certain jobs has increased in the modern workplace. With a title like “accounts payable automation,” do people in the AP department need to worry about their positions being replaced if […]

The Importance of a User Dashboard

When choosing the right accounts payable automation solution, it’s highly important to consider one that offers the convenience of a user dashboard. AP automation dashboards give important insights on a large variety of essential company metrics. Typically, these dashboards are […]