AP Automation Process Flow Videos

What does AP Automation look like? Watch the videos below as we map out the entire Electronic Invoicing process from vendor submission to archiving. In these videos, we explain in-depth each step and how it fits into the larger invoicing flow. These videos can be downloaded and shared as can the supplemental information provided below. Enjoy!



Process Flow Videos

Intro Video – Short Overview                                 Vendor Submission Options Video                       Workflow Approval Video

Supplemental Information – About us                 Supplemental Information – E-Invoicing             Supplemental Information – AP Workflow

Automated Invoicing                Vendor Submission               Approval Workflow (for Process Flow)


Dynamic Discounting Video                                   Archiving Video                                                        PO Matching Video

Supplemental Information – Early Pay                Supplemental Information – Archiving                Supplemental Information – PO Matching

Dynamic Discounting (for Process Flow)               Archiving (for Process Flow)               PO Matching (for Process Flow)