The Importance of a User Dashboard


When choosing the right accounts payable automation solution, it’s highly important to consider one that offers the convenience of a user dashboard. AP automation dashboards give important insights on a large variety of essential company metrics. Typically, these dashboards are customizable, letting you choose which information you want to see—whether it’s a broad overview of data, or ultra-specific statistics. An enterprise-level AP automation dashboard will provide a variety of ways to categorize and view this information.

Tasks in Need of Attention

Many AP automation dashboards will provide a designated section that alerts you to specific tasks that are in need of attention. These alerts could include anything from invoices that require approval to invoice errors. This can be incredibly useful if you are managing large numbers of invoices at a time. Instead of having to go back and make sure that each individual invoice has been reviewed, the dashboard will simply let you know which ones need attention. This is great news for larger companies and managers who are busy attending to other important tasks.

Archived Reports

With an AP automation dashboard, users can easily generate different kinds of custom reports, such as:

  • Report card
  • Standard accrual
  • New suppliers
  • Discount savings
  • Average approval times
  • Number of exceptions
  • And many more

This function is extremely useful when it comes time for audits for all types of organizations. On top of that, it’s a great way to filter large amounts of information for various kinds of accounts payable reporting. For healthcare organizations specifically, this means no more stressing about HIPAA compliance and audits. For manufacturing companies, and others who rely heavily on purchase orders, mismatched POs will essentially be eliminated.

View Productivity

An AP automation dashboard also offers valuable insight to your accounts payable department’s productivity. With an administrator’s view of the user dashboard, you are able to narrow down searches to specific users and see detailed information, such as the user’s average approval time. You can also view much broader information, such as average invoice processing times for the whole department. Additionally, various information about your suppliers can be found on the AP automation dashboard, such as who is registered on the portal or who might be offering discounts.

AP Automation Dashboard Provides Comprehensive Visibility

With a user dashboard, you are provided with an in-depth and customizable view of your company’s accounts payable department. An AP automation dashboard enables you to see exactly how things are going in accounts payable—from reporting metrics, to individual user activity, to viewing and managing supplier information. No matter what information your payables department prioritizes, you are able to customize your dashboard to view/track what is most important to you.

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