Accounts Payable Invoice Automation is for Everyone in Your Company

iPayables’ is based not far from a famous theme park. One of that theme park’s popular attractions brings to mind a truism we see every day in accounts payable invoice automation (APIA): In the electronic age, it really is a small world.

You wouldn’t think so. Corporations have grown bigger and bigger; these days their offices are flung all across the globe. The world of business is a big world, yet everything feels smaller in the cyber-age where information moves at lightning speed and everything depends on everything else.

One benefit (sometimes detriment) to a small world is that so many people can affect a single process, and a single process can affect so many people. iPayables had this very thought in mind when it created InvoiceWorks®. Knowing that automating an accounts payable office affects much more than just that particular department, InvoiceWorks® was developed for ease of use by everyone in the company. Just as important, it was designed to add value to every department in the company.

It had to be, because so many depend on what happens in accounts payable. For example, the department that makes purchases needs to know that their supplier is getting paid on time so there won’t be any problems the next time they order. If that supplier gets paid even faster than expected, everyone wins.

There’s also the manager whose authorization is required for payment. If he’s able to move the payment along with the click of a mouse, he doesn’t have to be bothered by someone from AP hounding him for his signature.

Then there’s the accounting department, which authorized the investment in E-invoicing in the first place. When the fast-pay discounts start adding up from using InvoiceWorks® dynamic discounting, they’re going to be pointing at the bottom line and claiming they’re the heroes.

Really, everyone in the company benefits. So, stop being seen as the department that just pays the bills. Show them the true importance of what you do and how efficiently you can do it.

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