A Flexible Solution: Accounts Payable Automation

One of the primary reasons companies avoid accounts payable automation is the fear of changing to a one-size-fits-all system that they’ll have to adopt. But that’s not the case with high-level AP automation. Every company is unique and every AP department has its own way of doing things, and that’s fine. High-level automation is designed to be flexible, so that every company can remain in its comfort zone, while doing things even better.

Your accounts payable department is as unique as your company. The product your company delivers, the suppliers it relies on, workflow, approval processes – every aspect of your company influences how accounts payable operates. That doesn’t have to change. AP automation will make that familiar system faster and more cost-effective. It lets your employees and your department do the job better than ever.

It’s true that not all accounts payable automation solutions can do this. Few high-level solutions provide the cutting-edge automation that will customize to your needs and goals. Depending on the size of the company and the volume of invoices it processes each month, your AP department may wish to process automatically or manually. Invoices themselves, and filing systems your company has grown accustomed to over the years, can also be built in. Even your unique invoice approval system can and will be adopted.

The goal of any leading E-invoicing provider should be to give you tools that work with your system, not against it. Suppliers especially want to know that they will be able to stay on top of invoices. What’s the bottom line? You’ll be working faster and more accurately, expending much less time on tasks that used to take forever. The result is less expense and fewer headaches. High-level automation is flexible for you and pays for itself in real dollars in no time.

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