4 Features for a Successful AP Automation Implementation

When it comes to AP automation, there are several common mistakes that can be made during implementation. These mistakes can delay the overall use of automation and cause significant frustration within your organization.  The following 4 features can help turn your AP automation processes into ways to advance your business and create a successful accounts payable automation set up.

  • Choose a System that Integrates Seamlessly

There are many AP automation systems available, but to prevent issues within your organization during implementation, it’s important to choose an accounts payable solution that will integrate seamlessly. The best way to do this is to find a system that can, “talk to” your existing software or enterprise resourcing system. You can likely find an AP automation solution that will work well with your current system, by seeking options from your current system provider or manufacturer. Systems from the same provider most often are designed to function together.

  • Utilize Systems that Provide Dashboards, Reporting, and KPI Measurements

A quality AP solution will provide you with easy and efficient ways to access important information. When you implement Electronic Invoicing, be sure to use one that provides you with a dashboard where you can easily view all relevant information for each account in one convenient location. Automated reporting is also essential as this will ensure that regular reports of account status is always updated and sent to the correct person daily, weekly, or at another set time increment. Key performance indicator measurements are also important as they will provide you with constant updates on performance factors and how well your organization is meeting their goals. 

  • Remember That Success Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Some people have the misguided belief that a simple solution can’t work as well, and bring about as much positive change, as a more complicated solution. When it comes to automation in accounts payable, this simply isn’t true. The simplest system is often the best. When you consider the basics of automating your Accounts Payable Department, you realize that basic functions like E-invoicing and dynamic discounting are not as complicated as they seem.

  • Choose a Mobile-Friendly System

To reach full automation with your AP system, it’s essential to choose a mobile-friendly program. With the frequency of mobile usage for work-related transactions, and the convenience of being able to access accounts payable information anywhere, mobile-friendly systems are a must. If you use a system that can be fully utilized on mobile devices, your vendors and your employees in the AP department will always have access to important account information.

The common faults that come with the implementation of an AP automation solution can be easily avoided by using a system that works well with your current program or software. Implementing an accounts payable automation solution that provides you with the essential methods of viewing, sending, and recording data will allow you to stay up to date with all AP processes.

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