VCU Invoicing



Virginia Commonwealth University and iPayables have partnered to bring electronic invoicing to you, its suppliers, at no cost to you.  Electronic Invoicing provide faster processing, less errors and improved visibility to all participants in the invoicing process – both on the supplier and customer sides of the transaction.


Getting Started

Electronic Invoicing with iPayables InvoiceWorks is simple.  To get started follow these simple steps

  1. Click here to go to the Supplier Activation page
  2. Enter the Priority ID and Password that are on your letter from Virginia Commonwealth University and click “Next”.  **Note: If you don’t have this letter handy please call 801-877-5880 to speak to a Supplier Service specialist who can assist you.
  3. Complete the Activation process by providing the requested information and clicking the “Next” button.
  4. Select your invoicing method.  InvoiceWorks provides three methods of electronic invoicing to fit any suppliers needs and abilities.  They are:
  • Online Invoice Entry:  Enter invoices into the InvoiceWorks Website directly.  This is the fastest way to get up and running with electronic invoicing. This option makes the most sense for suppliers that do a limited volume of invoices or may not have advanced computer systems.
  • Upload a File of Invoices Online:  The InvoiceWorks online website makes it easy to upload a file containing multiple invoices at one time.  This file might come from an Excel spreadsheet or an accounting system like Quickbooks or Peachtree.  For instructions on how to format your file please email or call 801-877-5880.
  • Automatically send invoices from your accounting system:  For suppliers with some technical ability or enterprise accounting systems it makes sense to automate the invoicing process.  This automated approach can use files formatted as EDI, XML or CSV.  To get started on the automated invoicing option please email or call 801-877-5880.


Getting Help

If you need any assistance with the activation process or submitting invoices please email or call 801-877-5880.