Taking Accounts Payable to the Next Level

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How E-invoicing Enhances Collaboration

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CFO’s and The New Accounts Payable Department

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Three Important Elements of a Successful AP Department

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How AP Automation Facilitates Business Contracts

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Innovation with AP Automation

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Predictive Analytics & AP Automation

In a recent article, the Harvard Business reviewed the differences between forecasting and predictive analytics and, how a company’s analytics are related to its profitability. http://bit.ly/2dJ7wzb So, in answer to the first question, predictive analytics goes way beyond forecasting because … Read More

E-invoicing is Like a Perfect Round of Golf

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Survey Results from Accounts Payable Efficiency Study

A few months ago we sent out over 30,000 email surveys to CFO’s, AP managers, controllers and other financial department decision makers asking them about how efficiently their AP department operates and what level of automation they utilize. For your … Read More

The CFO’s Part in E-invoicing

While sitting next to a gentleman on a flight recently, I inquired what he did for a living. He said that he was the CFO of a large organization. I asked him if they were doing electronic invoicing and he … Read More