Evaluating Our Systems and Streamlining with AP Automation

Having a viable Accounts Payable Automation system is like having properly functioning plumbing in your home. Without it, you could be in big trouble. Just like clogs and leaky pipes make for a miserable existence, so can a business that … Read More

Closing The Gap Between Procurement and Accounts Payable

Ideally, all departments in a business should be able to work together collaboratively to accomplish the overall goals of the company. In reality, things often don’t work so smoothly. Purchasing and Accounts Payable are an example of two departments that … Read More

Does Your AP Department Have Terminal Jet Lag?

Technological advances are surging ahead so quickly that many in the business world are experiencing a kind of jet lag. Those who have travelled between time zones know the feeling well. It disrupts your body rhythm, causing you to feel … Read More

Predictive Analytics & AP Automation

In a recent article, the Harvard Business reviewed the differences between forecasting and predictive analytics and, how a company’s analytics are related to its profitability. http://bit.ly/2dJ7wzb So, in answer to the first question, predictive analytics goes way beyond forecasting because … Read More

Adapting to the use of Automation in Business

When the use of artificial intelligence was first introduced, there were many science fiction movies made about the effect it would have on mankind. Computers and robots were often portrayed as sentient beings whose ultimate desire was to take over … Read More

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling of AP Automation

A dramatic change is occurring in the perception of the worldwide market about the strategic importance of the accounts payable department. Business leaders are beginning to understand its importance in the making of primary monetary decisions. This is a clear … Read More

The Effect of Accounts Payable Automation On Cash Flow

Nearly every manufacturing firm has had the experience of checking an inventory list for a requested item and finding that the supply was listed at zero, only to later discover that there were several of the same items sitting somewhere … Read More

Overlooking the obvious in AP Communication: Go Mobile

According to some recent industry research, the findings are that mobile technology is definitely under-utilized in the processes of Accounts Payable management and workflow operations. This would appear to be a bit surprising to most AP managers since there are … Read More

Surmounting the Accounts Payable Supplier Hurdle

Accounts payable technology in America has become well-established and is advancing rapidly. However, as with other technologies, even though positive changes are occurring rapidly, they are not necessarily being rapidly accepted. Defining the Problem The most efficient accounts payable process … Read More

The Competitive Edge with AP Automation

Accounts payable automation and a competitive edge are directly related. The link may not seem immediately evident, but according to Mary Driscoll, a senior researcher at APQC in Houston, there is a connection. In her article posted on ww2.cfo.com entitled, … Read More